Archived webcast : Supply chain integrity - Managing channel partner risk 

18 Jul 2013 (Thu)
This webcast will be available until 17 Jul 2014

International supply chains are made up of a diverse range of actors including contract, joint-venture, and owned manufacturers; transportation providers, warehouse operators; customs brokers; and related and third party distributors. Many actors are operating in emerging markets with immature and evolving legal, trade, and business environments. Without constant attention and care, the carefully crafted corporate policies around ethics and compliance can easily break down at the local level.

Cases of bribery, misappropriation of funds, smuggling, and customs fraud can have a very significant financial and reputational impact on a company. The PwC Worldtrade Management Services (WMS) and Crisis Management practices work with companies to help identify, assess, and address channel partner risks and preserve supply chain integrity. Recent examples of project topics include:
  • suppliers colluding with company personnel to inflate prices in kickback schemes;
  • pre-paid gift cards given to Customs officials in an attempt to resolve an investigation
  • breaches of supply or re-seller agreements resulting in delays and lost sales;
  • company personnel setting up fictitious vendors as a vehicle to misappropriate funds;
  • falsification of duty payments by customs brokers
  • state entity customers soliciting entertainment, travel and charitable contributions from agents working on behalf of the company;
  • subcontractors submitting incomplete or false invoices in order to evade customs duties; and
  • customs officers extracting special fees to facilitate the movement of goods.
In this webcast, Gregory Nichols and Mark Brown of the Worldtrade Management Services and Crisis Management practices walked through a typical supply chain and highlighted risks and control points drawn from actual case experience.

Archived webcast

This is a 1 hour webcast including a live Q&A session.

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Speakers: Gregory Nichols, Director, PwC Singapore
Mark Brown, Director, PwC Singapore


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