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The China Tax and Business News Flash is issued by our National Tax Policy Services Team.  We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to monitor, study and analyse the existing and evolving policies in taxation and other business regulations in China, with the aim to support our professionals in the course of their provision of quality professional services to businesses and to maintain our thought-leadership by sharing knowledge with the relevant tax and other regulatory authorities, academies, business communities, professionals, as well as any party who is interested in our professional knowledge.


Feb 2017 Issue 2    The proposed dedicated tax regime for aircraft leasing business in Hong Kong
Jan 2017 Issue 1    More foreign teachers in China may have the opportunity to enjoy tax treaty benefits


Dec 2016 Issue 40    China introduces the first green tax law for environmental protection
Dec 2016 Issue 39    A Glance at the tax implications of the Shenzhen - Hong Kong stock connect
Dec 2016 Issue 38    New B2V circular released - Clarification on hot B2V issues to bring more benefits to taxpayers
Dec 2016 Issue 37    Industry issues under the B2V pilot program gradually resolved with follow-up circulars
Dec 2016 Issue 36    Development of transfer pricing administration and investigation in China
Dec 2016 Issue 35    Comprehensive interpretation of the new VAT accounting regulations
Dec 2016 Issue 34    Interpretation of the key messages delivered at the national tax work conference on the administration on large business groups
Dec 2016 Issue 33    New trend for cross-border capital under capital account
Nov 2016 Issue 32    SAT and SAFE refine the interim and post administration mechanism by establishing information sharing system
Nov 2016 Issue 31    Standardization and normalization of "Thousand Groups Project": A new stage of tax administration on large business groups
Oct 2016 Issue 30    China releases CRS compliance requirements for financial institutions
Oct 2016 Issue 29    SAT’s new rules on advance pricing arrangements reflect its new thinking on tax administration
Oct 2016 Issue 28    Highlights on the Final FIE Record-filing Administrative Measures and the New FIE Administration System
Oct 2016 Issue 27    G20 leaders recommit to tax cooperation in the context of growth, BEPS, and transparency
Sep 2016 Issue 26    China: new "super" tax incentives for qualified equity incentive plans and investments
Sep 2016 Issue 25    China: Pilot scheme for new work permit cards
Sep 2016 Issue 24    A new big data era for tax administration - what to expect from China's Golden Tax III Project?
Sep 2016 Issue 23    Foreign investment enjoys policy benefits in China with the expansion of “Negative List” administration mechanism nationwide
Jul 2016 Issue 21    Beginning of a new era – SAT issues new China transfer pricing compliance requirements
Jun 2016 Issue 20    New Working Guidelines for the Administration and Assessment of HNTEs – opportunities and challenges
Jun 2016 Issue 19    Extension of the valid period of a Hong Kong TRC for the Mainland-HK DTA eases taxpayers’ administrative burden
Jun 2016 Issue 18    The latest IIT trends and challenges affecting foreign employees
May 2016 Issue 17    China takes a closer step towards the completion of the Resource Tax Reform
May 2016 Issue 16    Administrative measures for VAT exemption on cross-border taxable activities under the B2V Pilot Program – detailed preferential policy conditions and standardised record filing procedure
May 2016 Issue 15    Heads of tax administrations gathered in China to deepen international tax cooperation
May 2016 Issue 14    Further clarification on tax incentives for software and integrated circuit enterprises – new opportunities and challenges
Apr 2016 Issue 13    The market access negative list approach is unveiled in China
Apr 2016 Issue 12    Charity related tax reliefs need to be further clarified as the Charity Law comes into effect on 1 September 2016
Apr 2016 Issue 11    B2V reform (III) - Levying VAT on consumer services
Mar 2016 Issue 10    B2V Reform (II) - Financial service sector has been included in the VAT chain
Mar 2016 Issue 9    B2V reform (I) - Opportunities and challenges to the real estate and construction sectors
Mar 2016 Issue 8    B2V expansion measures released - VAT chain is now completed for all industries
Mar 2016 Issue 7    Highlights of fiscal and taxation reform in 2016 as announced by Premier Li
Mar 2016 Issue 6    US IRS provides guidance for examining 'voluntary tax' issues - impact on MNCs with cross-border operations in China
Mar 2016 Issue 5    The final stage of the B2V Reform to be rolled out from 1 May 2016
Feb 2016 Issue 4    Improvement on the administrative measures for the assessment of HNTEs - New opportunities and new challenges
Feb 2016 Issue 3    Statistics reveal high level of double tax relief in China's MAP process
Jan 2016 Issue 2    Improving market access under the China-Korea and China-Australia Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
Jan 2016 Issue 1    Hong Kong issued a draft tax legislation to promote it as a location for setting up a corporate treasury centre


Dec 2015 Issue 49    China releases the blueprint for tax collection and administrative reform - Profound impact to be anticipated on taxpayers
Dec 2015 Issue 48    Tax policy for Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds Arrangement is released
Nov 2015 Issue 47    The State Council issued new guidance to drive start-ups and innovation
Nov 2015 Issue 46    New administration of CIT preferential treatments: simplifying record-filing procedures and shifting the focus to post-filing supervision
Nov 2015 Issue 45    New opportunities arising from expanded scope of zero-rated VAT preferential treatment to certain exported services
Nov 2015 Issue 44    More transparent administrative guidelines for tax treaty benefit claims
Nov 2015 Issue 43    Refining the super-deduction policy for research and development expenses - New opportunities and challenges
Oct 2015 Issue 42
Challenges to Hong Kong tax residents under the new tax treaty benefit claim procedures in China
Oct 2015 Issue 41
China announced her stance on BEPS and her localisation plans
Sep 2015 Issue 40
China introduces self-assessment mechanism to facilitate tax treaty benefits claims
Sep 2015 Issue 39
China: Local file, master file, special issues file and CbCR required under the discussion draft of revised transfer pricing requirements
Sep 2015 Issue 38
Localisation of BEPS Actions in China - discussion draft of "Implementation Measures of Special Tax Adjustment" released for public consultation
Aug 2015 Issue 37
Double taxation agreement (DTA) signed to benefit mutual trade and investment between mainland China and Taiwan
Aug 2015 Issue 36
Will enterprises pay more for pollutant discharge with the Environmental Protection Tax Law?
Jul 2015 Issue 35
15% CIT preferential treatment finally in place in Qianhai
Jul 2015 Issue 34
Be smart! Check out the benefits of tax treaties on outbound investments along the "One Belt One Road"
Jul 2015 Issue 33
Intra-group outbound payments - local-level tax authorities taking actions
Jul 2015 Issue 32
New challenges for new/high technology enterprises with cross-border royalty payment
Jul 2015 Issue 31
Localisation of BEPS actions is moving ahead in China
Jul 2015 Issue 30
China’s legislative body ratifies the multilateral convention on tax matters
Jul 2015 Issue 29
Upgraded tax administration and implementation for corporate restructuring rules
Jun 2015 Issue 28
More efficiency and supervision on claiming tax incentives
Jun 2015 Issue 27
New packages of CIT returns - more flexibility vs. more information disclosure
Jun 2015 Issue 26
More practical for offshore indirect transfer reporting and assessment
Jun 2015 Issue 25
Are you ready for the launch of national tax inspection for year 2015?
Jun 2015 Issue 24
SAT's latest clarification on the CIT treatment for assignment of equity/assets and investment with non-monetary assets
May 2015 Issue 23
Gradual removal of 'Non-administrative approval items' will bring both convenience and challenges to taxpayers
May 2015 Issue 22    Hong Kong as the ‘Going Global’ platform for Chinese MNCs
May 2015 Issue 21
Local incentives are allowed to be continued until expiry
May 2015 Issue 20
SAT released new measures to support the “One Belt One Road” strategy
May 2015 Issue 19
Tax payment by instalments - China's new tax policy on investment by individuals with non-monetary assets
Apr 2015 Issue 18
Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone (1): Official launch and release of the overall plan
Apr 2015 Issue 17
Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone (1): Official launch and overall plan’s observations
Apr 2015 Issue 16
China’s move to improve its international taxation policies by virtue of G20 tax reform
Apr 2015 Issue 15
Official launch of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone
Apr 2015 Issue 14
B2V reform of the real estate and construction sectors is just around the corner
Apr 2015 Issue 13
Amendments to the China-Hong Kong double tax arrangement bring benefits as well as obligations to taxpayers
Mar 2015 Issue 12
New challenges to the tax valuation for the offshore indirect transfer
Mar 2015 Issue 11
Further scrutiny on intra-group outbound payments under way
Mar 2015 Issue 10
Looking out for significant changes to China's tax collection and administration law
Mar 2015 Issue 9
China releases first annual international tax dispute resolution statistics
Mar 2015 Issue 8
New rules to further improve and tighten individual income tax administration on equity transfer
Feb 2015 Issue 7
Cross-border RMB cash pooling made possible for multinational corporations in China
Feb 2015 Issue 6
Substance is important - HKIRD revises the application form for Hong Kong tax resident certificate
Feb 2015 Issue 5
A key milestone on administrative regime for foreign investments - China's Foreign Investment Law (Discussion Draft)
Feb 2015 Issue 4
A totally different tax landscape for offshore indirect transfer – wider, clearer & more challenging
Jan 2015 Issue 3
Time for a compliance check – The clean-up of local tax and fiscal preferential policies
Jan 2015 Issue 2
International tax reform may bring higher tax and compliance burden for digital business
Jan 2015 Issue 1
Significant improvement on the corporate income tax treatments for restructuring transactions


Dec 2014 Issue 36
China Advance Pricing Agreement Annual Report (2013) - Key trends and observations
Dec 2014 Issue 35
New visa requirements for short-term workers coming to China
Dec 2014 Issue 34
Scrutiny on intra-group outbound payments - Chinese tax authorities in action from local to state level
Dec 2014 Issue 33
New GAAR procedures released - More or less GAAR disputes going forward?
Dec 2014 Issue 32
Mainland China-Taiwan: Welcome messages delivered in the cross-strait tax seminar on the development of cross-strait tax treaty and anti-tax avoidance reform
Dec 2014 Issue 31
Further clarification of the new corporate income tax accelerated depreciation policy for fixed assets
Nov 2014 Issue 30
China and the United States’ extended visa policy for business travellers, tourists and students
Nov 2014 Issue 29
A new look at the annual CIT return package (2014 version)
Nov 2014 Issue 28
New double taxation agreement signed between China and Russia to further enhance cooperation
Nov 2014 Issue 27
The Last piece of the puzzle - China's taxation rule on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Nov 2014 Issue 26
The long-awaited withholding tax policies for QFIIs/RQFIIs capital gains released - mixed feelings?
Nov 2014 Issue 25
Applause for the new corporate income tax accelerated depreciation policy for fixed assets
Oct 2014 Issue 24
China's first nationwide tax investigation into dividend payments to overseas investors
Oct 2014 Issue 23
SAT vows to fight tax avoidance in China: 15 unacceptable tax practices identified
Sep 2014 Issue 22
New foreign exchange regulation to facilitate outbound investments and financing through special purpose vehicles
Sep 2014 Issue 21
SAT responds fast to the first batch of BEPS deliverables
Sep 2014 Issue 20
A new round of corporate income tax incentive for China’s western region was formally unveiled
Sep 2014 Issue 19
MNC intra-group outbound charges under spotlight of SAT
Aug 2014 Issue 18
Time for large business enterprises to establish a sound internal tax risk control system
Jul 2014 Issue 17
New requirement for Chinese TREs to disclose outbound investment information
Jul 2014 Issue 16
The certainties and uncertainties brought about by China’s latest tax circular on foreign international transportation companies
Jul 2014 Issue 15
Increasing scrutiny on equity based incentive plans may impact assignees and their employers
Jul 2014 Issue 14
More guidance for GAAR implementation under way - China’s discussion draft released for public sounding
Jun 2014 Issue 13
Cross-border forex fund pool now possible for multinational corporations
Jun 2014 Issue 12
International development in automatic exchange of financial account information and China's perspective
Jun 2014 Issue 11
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect at a glance from a tax perspective
May 2014 Issue 10
China's first official position on BEPS released by Jiangsu
May 2014 Issue 9
B2V reform next up for the telecommunications sector
Apr 2014 Issue 8
China and Germany signed a new tax treaty
Apr 2014 Issue 7
The Central Government urges optimisation of policies to boost M&A activities in China - the tax aspect
Apr 2014 Issue 6
The Central Government finally nailed down the CIT Incentive Catalogues for Hengqin, Qianhai and Pingtan
Mar 2014 Issue 5
Increased compliance burdens for multinationals? OECD releases discussion draft on transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting
Feb 2014 Issue 4
Simplified application approval of Chinese Tax Resident Enterprise - opportunity or challenge?
Jan 2014 Issue 2
New tax treaty between China and France brings benefits and challenges
Jan 2014 Issue 1
China’s amended Company Law facilitating more business


Dec 2013 Issue 33
Welcome changes in the B2V Pilot Programme to benefit industries
Dec 2013 Issue 32
Enjoying tax deferral treatment for intra-group restructuring - easier or more difficult?
Dec 2013 Issue 31
New tax deferral treatment for Chinese Enterprise Annuity
Dec 2013 Issue 30
Chinese TRE concept - a new way to impose China tax on offshore indirect equity transfer
Dec 2013 Issue 29
Greenlight granted on the long-awaited China-UK Tax Treaty
Nov 2013 Issue 28
China’s top leadership reaffirms the taxation reform blueprint
Oct 2013 Issue 27
New guidelines make treaty-related dispute resolutions more efficient
Oct 2013 Issue 26
New horizon for doing business in Shanghai (II) – launch of the Pilot Free Trade Zone
Oct 2013 Issue 25
Easier to substantiate Hong Kong tax resident status under the HK-Mainland CDTA
Sep 2013 Issue 24
Clearer picture of VAT exemption on cross-border services under the B2V regime
Aug 2013 Issue 23
A new page for the foreign exchange administration for service trade
Aug 2013 Issue 22
China takes a big step towards international co-operation on tax administration
Aug 2013 Issue 21
Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone - New horizon for doing business
Aug 2013 Issue 20
China: Tightened enforcement and control over visa rules for foreigners
Jul 2013 Issue 19
Consolidation for the future: new regulations for the nationwide implementation of the B2V Pilot Programme
Jul 2013 Issue 18
Does simplified tax clearance for remittance mean relaxation in handling tax matters?
Jul 2013 Issue 17
OECD takes action on BEPS; are you ready?
Jul 2013 Issue 16
The New China-Netherlands Tax Treaty: A breakthrough in the treatment for capital gains beneficial to investors
May 2013 Issue 15
The first time the SAT publicised its official reply on offshore indirect equity transfer
May 2013 Issue 14
Tax incentives for advanced technology service industries extended to 2018
May 2013 Issue 13
Easier access to tax treaty benefits for Hong Kong companies receiving dividends from China
May 2013 Issue 12
"Secondment" or "service" – the SAT of China gives its answer
May 2013 Issue 11
Get ready for the nationwide implementation of the B2V Pilot Programme
Apr 2013 Issue 10
New application forms for Hong Kong tax resident certificate - Any impact on the claiming of treaty benefits from the Mainland?
Apr 2013 Issue 9
Software enterprises face new challenges in securing tax incentives
Mar 2013 Issue 8
Is it the time to consider investing in Qianhai and/or Hengqin?
Mar 2013 Issue 7
Withholding Income Tax treatment of Non-TREs’ passive income under the B2V Pilot Programme
Mar 2013 Issue 6
China’s tax revenue from non-tax resident enterprises maintain growth in adversity
Feb 2013 Issue 5
Update on China individual income tax rebate in Hengqin Island for Hong Kong and Macao residents
Feb 2013 Issue 4
Framework for consolidated VAT filing under the B2V pilot program
Jan 2013 Issue 3
Recent developments in Qianhai - Green light to cross-border RMB lending and further guidelines for IIT rebate
Jan 2013 Issue 2
Clarification of China's positions on treaty treatments for capital gains
Jan 2013 Issue 1
SAT's favourable clarification on the treatment of input VAT balance in an asset restructuring transaction


May 2012 Issue 12
A good news to eliminate double taxation in China for Hong Kong (and Macao) tax resident employees
Feb 2012 Issue 5
Chinese value added tax and business tax relief on assets restructuring transactions
Feb 2012 Issue 4
What to learn from the Vodafone case for China tax
Jan 2012 Issue 3
Latest updates on enforcement and collection of social security contributions for foreigners working in China
Jan 2012 Issue 2
Further clarifications on RMB reinvestments by Chinese holding companies
Jan 2012 Issue 1
Clarification of the value added tax treatment for export of services under the indirect tax reform Pilot Program in Shanghai

Publications prior to Jan 2012 have been archived.