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Benefit and HR operation 

Benefits and HR operation consulting helps you plan, execute and monitor the employee benefits and other HR programs, focusing on their regulatory compliance and administration efficiency

Client business issue – when do you need us:
  1. Need to review and design benefit program (e.g. retirement, housing, healthcare, savings) that address employee needs without costing employer a fortune
  2. Have concerns on the compliance of HR operations in today’s fast developing regulatory environment, especially for the newly announced regulations
  3. In process of transform business operation in China (e.g. changing from rep office to WFOE) but without a fully staffed HR function locally in China
  4. Formalize HR operations to manage potential risks, by introducing necessary employment terms and policies

Key benefits to clients
  • Address the needs of full cycle of employee benefits management from feasibility study, design, implementation, communication to daily operations
  • Operate employment policies in a standardized fashion to minimize compliance and operational efficiency risks
  • Provide immediate and operational level HR expertise during the business transition period

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