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19th Annual Global CEO Survey:
Capital projects and infrastructure key findings 

Mar 2016

337 Capital Projects and Infrastructure (CP&I) CEOs in 62 countries were interviewed for PwC's 19th Annual Global CEO Survey.

In these economically and politically challenging times, CP&I CEOs acknowledge that they need to address greater expectations from wider stakeholders if they want to grow their business successfully. Forging good governmental relationships is key, given government's frequent involvement in infrastructure projects. Cultivating "a pipeline of leaders for tomorrow" and skilled workers who can adapt to a world of multiple stakeholders, diverse values and attitudes is also critical.

And given the public scope of many infrastructure projects, communicating the environmental impact and the wider value for local communities will also be an important part of doing business in this new multi-polar world. Technology helps, of course: 90% of CP&I CEOs also indicate that they use technology to assess and deliver on stakeholder expectations.

Key industry findings:
  • CP&I CEOs are most concerned about threats from over-regulation and geopolitical uncertainty.
  • Local communities are having an impact on CP&I CEOs' strategy.
  • CP&I CEOs see data analytics, customer relationship technology as generating the greatest returns for stakeholder engagement.

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